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I've seen too much on the net lately about Trackhawks being stolen. Two in the Houston area recently with the most recent being ripped off from a hotel parking lot the same week I was in Houston.

Has anyone installed something like this? Seems like an easy fix although it's just an added level of help. Not recommending this product but just trying to see if anyone has already done this and what did they use.

Let us know.

Anti-Theft Relay Kit | American Autowire
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That will stop the joy riders but not the pro's whom just load the vehicle on a flatbed and drive it to their nearest chop shop.

I used to do something like that in the past when I was in areas I felt weren't all that safe for my car. I would just pull the fuel pump fuse. In the car I used to do that on it was a couple of second process as the fuse was easy to access in the interior. Not sure about the trackhawks or hellcats but that would be my first option. If not easy to get to then something like that will help a little.
Someone posted this a couple weeks ago and unless there's something negative about it, it looks good to me.

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I got one when they posted it. I really like it. The first switch is probably a little easy to find and known about but finding the second one is going to be tough. Since the directions are pretty accessible I mounted my second one in a different location to, "just in case" a possible thief was familiar with the kit.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts