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I've seen too much on the net lately about Trackhawks being stolen. Two in the Houston area recently with the most recent being ripped off from a hotel parking lot the same week I was in Houston.

Has anyone installed something like this? Seems like an easy fix although it's just an added level of help. Not recommending this product but just trying to see if anyone has already done this and what did they use.

Let us know.

Anti-Theft Relay Kit | American Autowire
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Anyone ever try using this Anti-Theft Relay Kit mentioned above...or any other good solution?
I recently had the IGLA Pin Code security system installed in my Trackhawk. Need to enter a pin code using existing buttons on the steering wheel, even with a Key fob present. Prevents thieves from being able to use key fob amplifiers or key cloning via the OBDII. Works great! Unfortunately there are limited installers Nationwide so depending on where you are, you may have to drive a bit to get it done.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts