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Any experience running a Gates RPM Belt?

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I’ve killed two green belts now, each lasting about 500 miles before I get squeal and less boost at wide open throttle. I’ve got an upper and lower on my car, makes 19 psi with a brand new belt. Just installed a Gates RPM belt and was hoping to get feedback before I go try it out. This thing was hard to get, took two months. Side by side comparison is wild, much smaller groove width on the RPM belt, looks like it will have a tight fit. I read up on some past threads on the topic and according to Gates, some of the early RPm belt failures were due to running the tensioner too tight. Apparently these belts do not stretch at all, unlike the green belt, and can snap if under too much load. I also worry about not having any slip at all since I do not have a decoupling pulley. Any thought on where the tensioner is set? Would love to hear your experiences, thoughts, or opinions. Thanks


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I run rpm belts, no issues.
That is not a tensioner. You are simply adding another idler that give more belt to pulley contact surface. Zero additional tension is added to the belt.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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