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Any flow data on 6.4 vs 6.2 heads?

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I have a couple sets of std 717hp HC heads laying around. Would like to know the flow characteristics of a 6.2 HC head vs the 6.4 Apachie head if anyone has that.
Thanks, Jim
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Thanks Coanan. Half way home!
So flow on the Helcat heads?? and combustion area vs the 6.4 heads??? Nothing?

Just wondering what would result from running HC heads on a 6.4? What would I use for a cam ext is where I am going with this. Plan would be to spray this motor, just looking for any improvement in flow.
Intake has a different bolt pattern on the Hellcat heads. Closest thing to a Hellcat head is a Big Gas Engine aka; BGE heads found on the Ram 6.4 engines. Best head out there for the 6.4 when boosting.
Thanks Again Coanan. That would be a relatively easy solution - they can be had prettty easy. Not so worried about the intake issue really - was thinking of fabricating one honestly to meter the NOs at the top of the intake runner. and be able to go any size i wanted on the TB. Maybe it would be a big rabbit hole but sounds like a fun project. If I could pick up another 50-60hp at the heads It would be worth it. That is what I am trying to determine if it is there or not. Once I get this figured I'll be able to undertand the fueling requirements in a fog. Easy enough to install bigger injectors and pump to keep up. OEM HC stuff is cheap and more than enough for the 6.4 im thinking.
Hard (and expensive) to squeeze extra power out of the 6.4. Want to stay NA on this one.
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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