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Any updates for the 2023 model year over the 2022?

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I know the 2022 got some minor updates over the 2021 such as the alarm system.

Does ANYONE know if dodge has any little changes or updates on the 2023????

I haven't heard or read anything. I know they have the last call plaque but anything else? Maybe is something a different color?
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These cars haven't been updated since 2019 in all honesty with the introduction of the Redeye power plant. A newer Uconnect is about the only thing interior and "feature" wise they haven't changed since 2015.
^^THIS! Amazing how much these cost now when they were $59K when originally released.
Well true but 2015 and 2016 came practically fully loaded so option to option I dunno. Mine had everything and the kitchen sink and sticker was $72k and I paid $62k.
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