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Anybody have an empty spot to move a car to Orlando

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I am looking for a open spot to move a car to Orlando area from Northern NJ,NY region?
I have a Hellcat on order and trading my jeep and need to get it down there ASAP.
Anybody know of an empty spot on a truck?
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....another person giving their vehicle away before there car is even built. Simply foolish, especially in these turbulent Hellcat times.

Any dealer who requires your trade now, is an unethical one. There is absolutely NO reason the dealer should be requiring your trade now, before your vehicle is built or even on site. If they claim they have a buyer now...too bad, not your problem.

Of course, you'll still give it to them and not heed this warning because I'm just a fool on the internet who has no idea what your situation is and how it makes sense, so to that I say, don't complain if your car never shows up/isn't built/takes months to get here and you're out a Jeep and have to then find out how to be compensated.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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