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Anybody have an empty spot to move a car to Orlando

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I am looking for a open spot to move a car to Orlando area from Northern NJ,NY region?
I have a Hellcat on order and trading my jeep and need to get it down there ASAP.
Anybody know of an empty spot on a truck?
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Hellcat is not built yet and the dealer wants my trade first and I have other cars so it is easier to give it to him now. Don't want to drive it and then fly right back.
With gas so low and tons of cars moving north for the summer their has to be some open spots going south now.
The dealer is Fields Chrysler and the salesman is 100% ethical and they own 40 plus stores. He is NOT making me trade the car early but of course every month the value of the jeep drops and I have other cars. I am still waiting for a VIN # to be confirmed too.
Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it. I trust Smitty at Fields Chrysler and everything will be in writing and the car was MSRP too.
why would they do that? The price to ship does not warrant driving or taking the auto train.
Agree and not moving it till I get a vin. I have extra cars too.
Spoke with Smitty and he is a class act and a MOPAR guy. Of course he has to wait for FCA to build it and confirm all the details but I trust him 100%.
Moderators please close thread.
Made other arrangements.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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