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Anybody's else's AC weak?

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Greetings from 75 and sunny Dallas, TX. Spring isn't a time you expect to need a super strong AC, yet on days like today I find myself selecting lower than desired temp, sometimes going to full LO, and fan almost at max. I cringe thinking how the AC will perform when the 100 degree Texas summer gets here. The Hellcat AC never blows super cold during the day even at max, yet at night I have to raise the selected temp all the way to 72-74 to not freeze...

Detroit usually builds awesome AC's into cars; In my z06's I would just leave the temp at 69 all the time and the climate control "just worked."

So.. this surprises me about the Hellcat AC. I wonder if mine is weak/undercharged, or if this is a design quirk and something we just have to live with for having a 700 hp car.
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Just drive with the windows down so you can hear supercharger whine and you will forget about the a/c :cool:
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