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Anyone else had issues with the Via Mobile setup?

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I'm having issues in the Charger with ViaMobile. Phone is paired, app is installed. When I click to start Pandora, it says to launch the UCONNECT app (which is already launched) and then says to pair my phone (which is already done). We tried deleting/re-adding phone and app, and tsc even tried logging into his and it still didn't work (even though it works in his Challenger).

Any suggestions?
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There are still a lot of bugs in this system! Half the time even my iPod plugged into USB won't work so I will use the Bluetooth and that usually works. Its horribly slow and today it even took forever to turn up the radio. By the time it finally caught up with the amount I turned it up, I blew my ear drums and the neighbors out! I really hope we get another update for the system soon!!! It is a hit or miss system. Not consistent. Sorry, I wish I could provide some pearls of wisdom. I have tried to update and reprogrammed, shut everything off and turned it back on, stood on my head counted backwards and pushed the buttons with my toes! Nada!:confused:
I had the same problem yesterday with the volume
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