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Anyone else had issues with the Via Mobile setup?

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I'm having issues in the Charger with ViaMobile. Phone is paired, app is installed. When I click to start Pandora, it says to launch the UCONNECT app (which is already launched) and then says to pair my phone (which is already done). We tried deleting/re-adding phone and app, and tsc even tried logging into his and it still didn't work (even though it works in his Challenger).

Any suggestions?
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Did you try closing the app on the phone and then reopening the app? The phone will shut down the app after a while to save battery life. (It may look like it's open and ready) If it's been open a while I just close and reopen. Too many apps open all at once will interfere with it functioning. I have iPhone 6+. Double click the home button and swipe the apps up to close.
Yes, this happens immediately without any delay. I also have a 6+.
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