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Anyone get chips in their vinyl stripes?

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I am wondering how durable these stripes are. Does road debris speckle and beat up these stripes? I just had my car PPF the whole front end and they went over the stripes as I told them. Superior protection but there is a slight air gap between stripes and paint that is slightly annoying. They can cut out the stripes if I want and keep them bare and get rid of it if I want. Any feedback or thoughts?

So it’s either leave the stripes bare and let them get beat with the road or cover them in PPF and live with a small white line on edges but they’ll be shielded from any chips. It depends on stripe durability to me. Below is what they look like covered with PPF. The vinyl is very thick and the PPF can’t make that transition perfectly.
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They make a few different stripes now. Most people seem to get the carbon which are textured. The ones I have are gunmetal without texture(which is now a JB exclusive
Color). They can be covered with PPF and still match. The color match is perfect with the my roof they covered the entire hood with gloss PPF and then covered my stripes with a matte PPF to make it match. My stripes actually have 2 layers of PPF. So for protection wise it can’t be beat. Looks wise it’s way better naked. I’ll sleep on it.

I also had them PPF up the bottom half of the car all the way back to tje rear bumper. Can see a line but I’ll live it with for protection. As far as road debris I’m driving a tank but there is a trade off in regard to aesthetics.
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Nice. Anyone have stripes that are 5 years old that are naked?

this car is way more comfortable than I thought it’s becoming my new daily. Love it. I do mostly interstate driving so rock chips are a big problem for me. Big trucks sandblast the car like you wouldn’t believe. I even had them PPF my front windshield! My bro calls me bubble boy.
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I'm STILL getting these at 3000 miles! Time to blow out the hood again.
Hood pins?
I went a little different route, I bought my car with terrible stripes and ended up fully removing them and had stripes painted on. I haven’t seen many painted and I understand it’s a little different, but I really like it.
Nice that is the ultimate setup. If you PPF over that hood it would be seamless if you want, that's what I'd do. The OEM stripes aren't even that great they have gaps around the hood snorkels and they don't make it to all the edges. Mediocre at best it's not perfection for damn sure.

The next best thing, IMO, is to PPF the car THEN add vinyl stripes on top of the PPF. I think I will go that route if I have this car in 10 years when I need new PPF.

For now I think I'll live with the air gap, if it really bugs me in a year when I have to do the ceramic inspection/booster I'll have them cut the stripes out then.

I know these cars haven't been out long, but I'd assume that after 5 years of naked stripes and highway driving they have to get a little beat........
So those white lines on the sides of the stripes are enough to annoy me. I talked to the PPF guy and decided to let it ride for a few months to see if it still bothers me.
If it does I’m going to get the PPF and stripes removed and we worked something out that if I provide the OEM stripes he will PPF the hood and bumper again and we’ll put the stripes on the ppf.
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