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Anyone get chips in their vinyl stripes?

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I am wondering how durable these stripes are. Does road debris speckle and beat up these stripes? I just had my car PPF the whole front end and they went over the stripes as I told them. Superior protection but there is a slight air gap between stripes and paint that is slightly annoying. They can cut out the stripes if I want and keep them bare and get rid of it if I want. Any feedback or thoughts?

So it’s either leave the stripes bare and let them get beat with the road or cover them in PPF and live with a small white line on edges but they’ll be shielded from any chips. It depends on stripe durability to me. Below is what they look like covered with PPF. The vinyl is very thick and the PPF can’t make that transition perfectly.
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I'm guessing the stripes have changed. My stripes are 3 dimensional and putting something over them would be very difficult.
I can say that I did have a rock chip open up a pencil point opening to my stripe. The paint is fine but the stripe bunched up.
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