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Anyone have any connections in CA?

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Anyone work with any great dealers in CA area? Or good connections? Please let me know! Thank you! Looking to order a 2022 Challenger Hellcat very soon!
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Thx for the info. I ended up ordering out of Pennsylvania for about 9k below. Even with shipping here it was the best price I could find

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What year car did you order you got 9k off?

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sure you didn’t ADM doesn’t count.
Unnn 5% under is less than invoice minus holdback and Employee Purchase plus your link is a 404.
post your sales agreement. An 80-90k sale always has a verified sales agreement and signed.
Ok thank you. Proves what i stated. Could care less what he said/she said. A signed buyers order, signed invoice with selling price rookie.
1 - 5 of 28 Posts
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