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Anyone have any connections in CA?

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Anyone work with any great dealers in CA area? Or good connections? Please let me know! Thank you! Looking to order a 2022 Challenger Hellcat very soon!
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Glendale/Ellis Dodge or Hunter Dodge in Lancaster
I'll reach out to them.. as it stands I'm in Ca but looking at the Kentucky dealership since they sell below invoice. Does Glendale sell below sticker that you're aware of?

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I order from the Owner. So my situation will be slightly different. I would just call them both. Rest assured they will not screw you.

At Hunter you can ask for Brian Helble. Tell him Ron Silva sent you. Not sure what he would do but he is connected there and can get the best deal at that dealership.

I would call them both. Yes you can travel for a better deal. If you are inclined, then go for it. I would.
Thanks for the info I will get in touch with them when the time comes.

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Glendale matched another dealers offer for me, $1500 below MSRP. I worked with a dude named Treavor Sammons, might help to let him know you were referred by someone in the forum, who just ordered and received $1500 below msrp, he might be inclined to do the same. Good luck
Thx for the info. I ended up ordering out of Pennsylvania for about 9k below. Even with shipping here it was the best price I could find

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Just curious: Why didn't you go with Jake?
He never replied to my email. I know hes a busy guy so definitely not bad talking as he has his plate full.

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What year car did you order you got 9k off?

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sure you didn’t ADM doesn’t count.
There was no adm. 5% below invoice is roughly 9k off msrp.

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Post a copy of the sales agreement

This is who I ordered from. As you can see, 2022 with 5% under invoice. What's so hard to believe?

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Link works for me using Tapatalk, it's a thread by @dealerinsider in this forum. Believe it or dont believe it, i couldn't care any less, kid.

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