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anyone install the zl1 splitter protectors yet?

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i was going to install them today, but it recommended a lift which i ill wait until spring when i switch cars..

anyone install them yet? looks simple enough?
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Looking at the protectors they look like anodized aluminum pieces designed to take a hit vs. the spitter.

How do they benefit (I'm asking seriously as I'm not sure I get it)? Looks like they hang a bit lower which make you more prone to hitting things.

Is the intent that you hit the protector and due to the cone shape it pushes the splitter up flexing it rather than a direct hit cracking it. Just curious. Looks like a good idea but not exactly sure exactly how they work and what scenarios they are protecting the splitter from.
I found an explanation on the website

"The Dodge Challenger Hellcat splitter washers are for the 2015/16 Dodge Challenger R/T, SRT, and Hellcat, they come with mounting hardware and adapters for protecting the front splitter from rubbing the bottom off when going through dips or up hills. No drilling required and mounts where the push pins are with stainless steel bolts and lock nuts."

Makes sense for dips etc...
The block pieces are an ABS plastic, the cones are steel. The cones sit lower than the splitter and will be the first to contact the ground before the plastic splitter does. The plastic will flex. Ultimately, the goal is to keep the plastic from contacting pavement!
I get it now. More to protect from say an incline or dip vs. a curb smack. Good idea... Kind of flex and glide the splitter. Still possible to break one but this gives you a fighting chance.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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