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anyone install the zl1 splitter protectors yet?

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i was going to install them today, but it recommended a lift which i ill wait until spring when i switch cars..

anyone install them yet? looks simple enough?
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The washers are steel black chromed and not aluminum.
my kit was also missing multiple one of the bolts was machined wrong....sounds like they have some quality issues on their end.....but the good news is they sent out the replacement parts and i had them the next day...super fast service

product seems high quality

install is difficult with big the last one you get the hang of it and it starts to go faster......

i strongly recommend the product...hopefully they got the bugs out of their packaging/missing parts issue
The bags were getting cut and the parts were in the ben. We changed the package and no more missing parts!!
Looking at the protectors they look like anodized aluminum pieces designed to take a hit vs. the spitter.

How do they benefit (I'm asking seriously as I'm not sure I get it)? Looks like they hang a bit lower which make you more prone to hitting things.

Is the intent that you hit the protector and due to the cone shape it pushes the splitter up flexing it rather than a direct hit cracking it. Just curious. Looks like a good idea but not exactly sure exactly how they work and what scenarios they are protecting the splitter from.
They have to hange lower to protect the lip. If they do not the lip will get rubbed. You can if you want not install the adapters and just the washers, then you can install more. We make them at a 45 deg angle to not get caught on anything. I have a Hellcat and they work great at not letting the front lip scrape on the ground. they do not protect the splitter from hitting anything. There are many compound angles on the bottom of the splitter so we did not make a solid rub guard.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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