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Anyone know how the newer Jeep Full time 4wd compares to actual AWD?

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Wife wants a new Wrangler and has an awd SUV currently that works well. Wondering how the newer jeeps‘ full-time four-wheel-drive works comparatively speaking. Would hate to go spend $55,000 to find out the traction is not at least similar to her older SUV. I know it is not true all wheel drive but I am wondering if there is less traction due to a possible lag that it may take for the system to transfer power to the front tires in snow or rain on say, highway exit ramp, etc. Any insight would be great thanks.
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Looking for real world opinions actually. Shouldve been more clear in my post. Lots of info out there and in theory it's the best thing ever but as we all know things don't always work they way they're promoted.

I may be wrong on the newest wranglers but generally you have to engage 4wd manually and then its always on, not when a wheel slips or traction is needed somewhere. Very different from the "awd" systems on the typical Part time AWD SUVs where it pushes or pulls power from each wheel and is always on and monitoring things.

you arent supposed to engage 4wd on dry pavement either. Only in slippery or marginally traction surfaces like gravel, dirt and snow.

When engaged however, the systems is filthy with traction. you WILL go just about anywhere but its not "automatic" like your old SUV
The newer Wranglers now have an optional Full-Time along with Part-Time 4wd. Sends signal and power to the non slipping wheel when it senses slippage in another. I have lots of experience with 4wd and know not to use real 4x4 in the dry but AWD and this Jeep full-time 4wd are not that. Jeep says to just leave it inFull Time like you would with AWD. My question was more of a real world comparison to AWD regarding possible lag time where AWD really has none that we have felt.
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