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Anyone know how the newer Jeep Full time 4wd compares to actual AWD?

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Wife wants a new Wrangler and has an awd SUV currently that works well. Wondering how the newer jeeps‘ full-time four-wheel-drive works comparatively speaking. Would hate to go spend $55,000 to find out the traction is not at least similar to her older SUV. I know it is not true all wheel drive but I am wondering if there is less traction due to a possible lag that it may take for the system to transfer power to the front tires in snow or rain on say, highway exit ramp, etc. Any insight would be great thanks.
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I have a Rubicon without the full time 4 wheel option. It's actually my wifes, we opted not to get the full time 4 wheel drive because of how it felt driving, heavy and awkward. We have the typical pull lever to engage either 4 high or 4 low. Simple to use and very reliable. It will go anywhere and you'd have to work hard to get stuck.
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