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Anyone that has gotten there 2022 Hellcat, Redeye or SS ???

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Can you tell me does it have the new security system they talked about? 4 digit pin # when starting up car like an I phone to prevent theft? Giving it 3hp unless proper numbers entered?

Thanks all......
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Ya, Had no such discussion regarding activating it. Did notice the SS does not have the option for ECO mode like the HC or RE I have seen. Maybe I missed it because it does come with a black key. Havent got to mess with it much yet either. Thing is a beast and hooks compared to the HC which would just smoke the tires off. Can't wait to get some miles on it before really testing it out.
No eco mode?? I'd refuse delivery! :) . I'm wondering who would drive a SS in eco mode anyway.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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