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Currently have 17X10 Weld RTS beadlock's on my NB Redeye and was about to go ahead and order the 18X6 Aluma stars for the front since they will carry over to my Super Stock I have Ordered.

Was curious if anyone has went with Weld Magnums on their car? Pictures or info would be helpful, was able to find the Magnum 18X6 front runners, but not much luck finding the Magnums 15x10 or 17x10 for the rear.
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Be careful running AlumaStars on the street. They are NOT meant to be street driven and can break. Trailer to the track, perfect. Drive on them just to and from the track with care, probably fine. Hoon them on the street all the time, you're asking for trouble.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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