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Are there any benefits of using two left demon axles?

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I think it would fit. But I heard that the harmonics would be off. And it would actually be more prom to wheel hop. DSS uses the same size axles in the rear. So what is the consensus of using the larger left side demon axle on the right side also?
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Here’s my .02 on this one, the killer of my DSS axles was wheel hop events, I trashed the CV’s in 2 sets of axles 2x each then I tried a set of Redeye axles installed as they should be and killed them from wheel hopping. So I went with GForce Outlaw axles, they have “anti wheel hop technology” which according to one of their engineers is just the different axle sizes of each giving each a different torsional twist number. First time I’m putting this down outside my own brain as I hate to jinx my self but I haven’t had a wheel hop event since installing them!! And that’s about 6 weeks ago now and probably 30 1st and 2nd wheel spinning events and didn’t hop once. BUT I installed a front Diff brace at the same time. I already run the rear P4D but added the front Race Brace during this install of the GForce Axles, so which was the magic??? Got a tootsie pop?? Let us know how many licks it takes to get to the center lol.
I have 2 used RE axles, both look great and run fine just one clicks a little here and there the other is ok. If you want them both PM me an offer and I’ll ship them to you and you can find another single snd try your experiment and let us know?

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What is this front brace you speak of? Edit, found it on P4D site. How long has this been out?
Year or so?
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