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Atturo Az850 305 35 20

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Anybody have any idea where I can order a set for the rear? I've been looking for months on every possible website imaginable.. anhbdku have any in stock they want to sell me?
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Wow glad I got mine when I did. When I bought mine earlier this year the best price was SimpleTire. Looks like everyone is sold out. Where you located?
You may want to skip them and go with a Nitto drag radial or similar. Will allow you to get the cat to stick way better than any conventional street tire.
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The Nittos are rated for 15k miles if I remember right. I’ve had both those and the mickey Thompson. The mickey’s stick better but wear quick. The Nitto stick way better than stock but not as good as the mickey’s but last a whole bunch better and work better in wet conditions. That said, my hellcats are always toy cars. Not daily’s.
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1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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