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autocross video from Evergreen Speedway 5/07/2016

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Heres one of my better passes at Evergreen speedway autocross in Monroe Washington on 05/07/2016 it was a 1.01 flat.
as you can see the course was tight! My challenger had to have been the heaviest car there by about 1000lbs my buddies classic Nova (seen briefly in the beginning and end of the video) weighs 3400. There were 52 or so cars there total and I came in somewhere around 35. I felt ok about the day, given the course and the state of my now well worn Pirellis. there was a 71 two door Datsun with a 155 hp motor that went 55 seconds that day, most impressive car there. The winner went 54 seconds in an Evo. This was my second autocross in the car returning after four open road course runs.
Autocross sucks in comparison to road course. Just not enough racing, and its slow. a day at the big track can net you 6 twenty minute sessions on a 2.5 mile course. a full 12 hour day at the autocross got me 16 one minute runs.
Still fun though! and got to hang with some dang cool folks too.
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I tried a couple different times to go back to first gear for some of the tighter slower spots in the track and it always ended up in wheelspin or oversteer so I stayed in second gear to make my fastest runs
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I agree about time spent racing autox vs road course track days. Here locally we have other clubs than just the SCCA. They allow us to take our runs almost back to back, keeping tires hot and allowing us to get our driving over quickly. I usually work the first heat and drive the 2nd, then go home.

That is definitely a slow course for a big car. I highly recommend tires to increase the fun factor on slow courses. ;)
Good advice on getting some new tires check out these new shoes!
Nitto NT05's 275/40's all around. I'm stoked they are awesome on the street can't wait for the track!!!!!
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I thought about new rims and bigger tires for a long time. And I'd still like to go that way eventually. But these are a huge step up from the 3 season Pirellis. And I wasn't driving to the full limit of those, so I felt that a summer with s square setup of upgraded tires would take me a level up.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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