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Axles and Diff

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So I won’t bore you with how I got to this point (drag radials and a heavy car) but my axles and diff need replacing. The car is a 2016 Challenger Hellcat. The car is for the most part stock with the exception of DSS DS and CAI. The car has 3.09 diff but as stated it’s done. I plan on 2.85 upper at some point.
Looking for recommendations on replacements. I was thinking aftermarket axles and a new 3.09. I’ve read that the new diffs are a bit beefier. I do have a DIRS brace but it got here a little too late I guess.
Another option is to order Demon/Red Eye axles and diff. Will these axles work on non wide body? I believe I read that the spline count is different from hellcats but if I’m ordering diff and axles there shouldn’t be and issue?
What would you guys recommend?
I realize there’s a lot of “I think/believe” in my post but I’m getting older and is hard for me to remember these days. Lol
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Go with the Redeye axles and diff. It will fit.
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Why not just get DSS axles? And a stock rear? With the brace and possibly an AAD rear suspension upgrade to square it all up, I would think you should be plenty fine
Going to be honest, I know quite a few people that have broken/damaged DSS axles with far less than the rated 1400hp, but its almost unheard of to break a Redeye axle. The AAD suspension is a nice to have but not necessary, and the diff brace should be strongly considered.
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Every diff I had in a Hellcat whined, 2.62 or 3.09.
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