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Axles and Diff

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So I won’t bore you with how I got to this point (drag radials and a heavy car) but my axles and diff need replacing. The car is a 2016 Challenger Hellcat. The car is for the most part stock with the exception of DSS DS and CAI. The car has 3.09 diff but as stated it’s done. I plan on 2.85 upper at some point.
Looking for recommendations on replacements. I was thinking aftermarket axles and a new 3.09. I’ve read that the new diffs are a bit beefier. I do have a DIRS brace but it got here a little too late I guess.
Another option is to order Demon/Red Eye axles and diff. Will these axles work on non wide body? I believe I read that the spline count is different from hellcats but if I’m ordering diff and axles there shouldn’t be and issue?
What would you guys recommend?
I realize there’s a lot of “I think/believe” in my post but I’m getting older and is hard for me to remember these days. Lol
Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Spline count difference is only in the center shafts of the axles into the different CV’s used in the Demon/RE axles, the spline count and size of the splines that go into the Diff and wheel hubs are the same on all, yes they will fit.
Why not just get DSS axles? And a stock rear? With the brace and possibly an AAD rear suspension upgrade to square it all up, I would think you should be plenty fine
I’m not a fan of DSS Axles, gone through 2 sets of them already. If your going to spend big bucks on axles spend a bit more and get GForce Outlaw axles or find RE take offs. If they can take the shock load of a Demon pulling the front wheels off the ground they’ll take most anything you can hook them with on the street and most likely the track too unless you have a 15” conversion and making 1100+ wheel.
But I agree on a good diff brace and AAD suspension goodies.
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You try changing the oil in it? Sometimes that quiets them down. Guys have luck with a Amsoil oil and 1/2 bottle of Mopar Friction modifier.
I’ve changed the diff oil every year to be safe. This time there’s metal in the oil. Not sure if it’s the diff or from the axles splines taking a beating so I’ll be changing both.
Actual metal bits or metallic film on the drain plug magnet?
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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