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Bad alternator?

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I just bought a new duralast gold batterie for my hellcat charger, the car has intermittent starting problems. I thought it was for sure the batterie but that did not resolve the issue, the car has a lazy crank and is very reluctant to start. Today i was sitting in it amd watched the volts drop down from 9.1 8.5 before i decided to shut it down. Things like the radio had turned off and the car was starting to display warnings .. service active dampening/ electronic stability control etc...
I also am getting a faint electric smell under the hood.
I am thinking of removing the alternator and having it rebuilt by a local shop down the street.
Any body have any input or suggestions?
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You can have the battery and alternator tested in the car very easily by a parts store or mechanic.
Have you done this ?
Or just tossing parts at it?
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