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Bad alternator?

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I just bought a new duralast gold batterie for my hellcat charger, the car has intermittent starting problems. I thought it was for sure the batterie but that did not resolve the issue, the car has a lazy crank and is very reluctant to start. Today i was sitting in it amd watched the volts drop down from 9.1 8.5 before i decided to shut it down. Things like the radio had turned off and the car was starting to display warnings .. service active dampening/ electronic stability control etc...
I also am getting a faint electric smell under the hood.
I am thinking of removing the alternator and having it rebuilt by a local shop down the street.
Any body have any input or suggestions?
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Check all fuses first.

Alternator connections & all electrical ground points...

Any mods?

What model year & mileage?
I have checked all electrical connections and grounds numerous times.
Only mod is a legmaker

Its actually a custom build i did into a 2015 Chrysler 300 and now its a hellcat after a full conversion using ALL charger hellcat parts and wiring.
Never had this issue before and now i have this issue.
Well, did you ever check the battery (fully charged) voltage while running/charging with a voltmeter?
I checked the voltage at the batterie while the car was running with a volt meter and the voltage was dropping while the car was running.
Seem to be your charging system, swap out your alternator.
Alternator was fried, had it rebuilt and got a new american made batterie as well.
Finally got a code for P0340.
Swapped out the cam position sensor and the car starts right up.
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1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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