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Because I searched for a week and never found this - now you know!!! (because I did it) - Stock 2019 Redeye Widebody Rim 20x11 with Hoosier 18850DBR's

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Hoosier 18850DBR Tire, Drag Slick, 29.5 x 11.5R-20, Radial, DBR Compound, White Letter Sidewall

These FIT!!!
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doublewide...never ran the et street r - just the nittos at 20lbs of air - still spinning half track. Himmelkat - 4400lbs, 15" wide - not sure about a quick burnout - but these are not street tires. I'm drag racing.
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the key here for everyone is that I spent literally hours and hours trying to figure out what would fit... tire wise - this tire is 29.9"'s tall and I misspoke above 12.9" wide (I didnt tape measure it) - No rubbing, etc. On the stock OEM rim. 20x11. here are the full specs. will have 60ft times next Monday.

Section Width
12.9 in (327.7 mm)
Wheel Diameter
20 in (508 mm)
Sold individually
Tire Compound
Tire Diameter
29.9 in (759.5 mm)
28 lb (12.698 kg)
Tread Width
11.6 in (294.6 mm)
Shipping Weight:
Package Height:
Package Depth:
Package Width:
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Sloan kwikload is the best trailer I have ever owned. (I've had 2). Because it rolls back, never a door ding, easy in and out, etc etc. Da bomb! --- time for a sandblast and repaint! lol
Update! - Best 60ft time 1.54 - best ET 10.99 - at mo-kan mo which is marginal track... still working out the system of staging - there are a lot of systems on a hellcat! Tranny was delaying going into gear - took to dealer had old firmware on transmission - they have reflashed with new version and say it functions as it should now. Test n tune tomorrow night heartland park Topeka a good track! started at 21lbs of air, down to 18lbs by the end of the weekend... at that track Im thinking 16lbs may be the ticket. Still a lot of wheel spin... you get that HP to the track this is a low 10 sec car. So damn fun you can't beat the smile off my face! #stillunderwarranty
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