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Because I searched for a week and never found this - now you know!!! (because I did it) - Stock 2019 Redeye Widebody Rim 20x11 with Hoosier 18850DBR's

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Hoosier 18850DBR Tire, Drag Slick, 29.5 x 11.5R-20, Radial, DBR Compound, White Letter Sidewall

These FIT!!!
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If they are true drag tires, wouldn't they require a quick burnout to maximize traction, like the original street drag tires by Mickey Thompson?
I want to find a way to cram 14 inches of gooey rubber under a narrow body. I mean, people already put 11's under there. What is 3 more little inches? (almost all of which would, I assume, need to come from the inside edge.) I wonder if one can move the factory floorpan tubs a bit, add some fluid-looking extensions, and then go for it, or if there are suspension things one may intersect.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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