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Beefcake Special Vortech Supercharger Kit (2015-2021 Dodge Challenger/Charger HEMI)

2015-2021 Beefcake Special Challenger / Charger Hemi Supercharger packages include a Vortech Supercharger tuner kit. The V-3 Si-Trim supercharger included with the tuner kit is capable of up to 775 HP, and the included air-to-water charge cooler (12.00” x 4.90” x 4.90” = 288cu-in volume) is 60% larger than 2006-2010 HEMI core, and capable of supporting 1,000+ HP on modified vehicles.

Beefcake Special Hemi Challenger / Charger Supercharger packages also include your choice of FIC (Fuel Injector Clinic) or ID (Injector Dynamics) Fuel Injectors. You can select the injector that you or your tuner recommend, or drop the injectors off the package completely.

In addition to injectors, our Beefcake Special Hemi packages also include a Fore Innovations Level 1 Returnless Fuel system for pump gas which supports up to 700hp with optional 800hp E85 Level 1 and 1000hp E85 Level 2 fuel systems. Again, no fuel system option is available as well, and we can customize a kit for even more horsepower if you desire.

Kits also include a Dodge 3-Bar Map Sensor - 5A002-071

All Beefcake Special Kits require custom tuning. We use Dusterhoff tuning for our personal Hemi vehicles. Most late model Hemi Vehicles will require the PCM to be unlocked via a Tuner, HP Tuners, or Livernois Motorsports. Customer is responsible for PCM and Tuning.

Fitment: 2015-2021 Challenger/Charger 5.7/6.4 HEMI

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