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belt size for incognito sleeve and 2.85 upper

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I'm installing rip a tune sleeve and already have 2.85 upper with stock tensioner . Is anyone running this setup and can help a guy out with belt size?I know I can buy the adjustable tensioner but would rather save the money abd just get the correct belt size. Thanks
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that I'm not sure of but when Demon Performance tunes it I'll know....It might have something to with the bypass valve's releasing boost when it's to much for the engine.Just dont know that the reason I'm having it retuned.But I think your right it releasing boost for safety trying to protect the engine
In looking over one of your logs your injector duty cycle is hitting 85%, at 90% the PCM will open the bypass valve to bleed boost. Be VERY careful with boost over 17 psi on 93. You logs also show STKR and the tune looks like it can reach 14 degrees if timing. 14 degrees of timing and 17+ lbs of boost = detonation on 93 no doubt. The VP Octanium Unleaded will get your octane up high enough for 14+17-18 but continued and constant use of it at the level needed, 1 Qt in 15 gallons is going to do a number on your exhaust valves and seats. I know from 2 years of doing such what it nets. If E85 is right close to you get on it ASAP before you hurt your engine to where it has to come out for repair. It only takes one bad detonation event to ruin ring sealing then increasing blow by compounds itself afterwards to a catostophic event.
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Mike I do have e-85 close to me and would run e-85 but I would have to change out the Injectors correct?And I'm going to e-85 I would need to be tuned for it.
Yes, from the logs on gasoline your injectors look too small for E85. You need ID1050’s or FIC1200’s minimum and a dual 285 fuel pump set up. You mention gong for a tune in near future already, mine as well spend the money only once and tune it for E85, especially at the boost level you want to make. A 2.85 at sea level is already close to max for pump gas before even adding any kind of overdrive lower pulley.
Resetting adaptive should be done after a tune reload but WOT is going to follow the wide band O2 sensors to follow set lamda setting in the tune. Yours at .81 is way too rich for gasoline even at WOT.
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