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Well... I figured that since Bendix makes pads, for my Gen1 SRT Charger, I'd look them up, for the Hellcat.

They do, in fact, make semi-metalic pads, for the Brembos!

Front, for 2015 Hellcat Charger:

CFM1405, WITH hardware.

SBM1405, WITHOUT hardware.

Rear, for 2015 Hellcat Charger:

CFC1057SR, with SOLID rotors and comes WITH hardware.

CFC1057VR, with VENTED rotors and comes WITH hardware.

Do Hellcats come with solid rear rotors? LOL

Anyway... I know the GEN1 pads, from the dealer have a cross reference to the Bendix part number, for the GEN1 LX. Maybe these are the same way. Either way, I swear by these pads. Tried ceramic pads and threw them in the trash, before they were half way worn. What a waste of time.

My experience with these pads is this:

1. Dusty.
2. Can be noisy, without the use of some CRC brake glue stuff.
3. Do not eat the rotors any more than OEM pads.
4. Very little noticeable brake fade (always a plus).

Info can be found at

I don't work for Bendix. I don't know anyone named Bendix. I can't even spell Bendix. Just passing along some info that might help the DIY Hellcat owner.

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