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Best DD Tires for traction and longevity??

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I think we can all agree that the stock tires are total shit . I’m not one to waste a brand new set of tires , but I Feel these will be gone in about 10k miles. When it comes time to replace them , what’s recommended ? I want something with much better traction and some decent longevity … impossible?
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Define "decent".
Traction and longevity are at odds with each other.
I can get one summer out of Toyo R888Rs on the rear.
I can get about a season and a half out of Conti DWS 06 on the rear.
Fronts last much longer--unless you are road coursing. I got 3 years/30k out of my last set of DWS 06 on the front.
Wow that’s outstanding . How was the traction on those contis?
When the contis are fresh (about the first two weeks), they grip nearly as good as the R888Rs from a dig. Merely chirp going into 2nd on a no-lift wot shift. They are far superior to the Pirelli's up until they are worn (at which point no tire excels). However, while others say they are great in the wet I still have to be super careful in the wet with them--I personally think they get rather slippery despite being A/S rated. But, I haven't tried many others in the wet to compare--maybe they really are much better than others.

(I'm running their 315/35s on the rear)

As for traction with the fronts, I've never road coursed so couldn't say how they compare.
How much are the contis ? On average
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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