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Hello everyone!

I just recently purchased a 2016 Charger HC with about 22K miles, and one previous owner. The car is running really well, minor hiccups here and there but overall had nothing but great time owning this car for about 3 months now.

But I’m to the point where I want more power... I have already purchased the JLT catch can, 180 degree tstat, Demon injectors, 2.85” upper with the griptec green belt, diff brace, upgrafeddrive shaft and the NGK Iridium spark plugs along with the 315 NT05Rs out back (already got all these parts on hand) but I have a few questions regarding this set up.

1. I need a good tuner and a mechanic to install these items on the car (Austin area) I can go as far as DFW area as well for a good tuner.

2. What kind of power would I be looking at with these mods ? And if you could add some things (reasonable price) to the list that I might have left out, what would it be?

I am looking to be at least north 850 whp, however nothing over 900.
Do I absolutely need e85 to see these numbers or would this set up get me close?

Thank you all!

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I was looking through my notes and research, and I think that a 2.85 pulley and 93 in an auto will make about 740-750 to the wheels and maybe another 20 with the FI plates and heat blanket. Stock is around 640ish depending on auto or manual. Anyway in that range. Maybe consider the FI spacer plates too. In the last year, I have installed everything on your list, plus axles, the FI spacer plates, driveshaft safety loop, and also pinned the crank. Pretty straightforward. I didn't change the plugs. If you aren't doing it yourself, I would think any skilled/trusted mechanic could do it for you.

On the street with those tires, I don't think it will matter if you have 800 whp or 900 whp.

So, IMHO, no, you won't be able to make 850 to the wheels with a 2.85 pulley and 93.

For tuning I used a tune from hemifevertuning and it worked great. I am using Josh from HHP this time around simply because I am going to have multiple tunes and datalog it more, whereas the hemifever one was just load the tune, datalog just to be sure it is right and run it. But the hemifever was of course cheaper, because it was just the single tune.

You will also have to get a tuner (like Diablosport) and an unlocked PCM.
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