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Best tire size for 17x10 vms rim for a superstock?

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Are 305/45/17 too short ? What’s optimal for this rim?
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Imo the front looks way more goofy than the rear

It’s too bad no one makes a affordable 17 for the flare cars that’s light, wide, and has the correct offset. Maybe a 12 w 6.25 back space? 309’s and that new 3578 on a 11 or 12 would work great on a car w flares
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When Houston is good (not hot n humid) man is it quick

A bunch quicker than that joke of a track yer at in the pic. 4 lane drag strip. Pfff. Bruton Smith was on drugs. Hate to admit it but when I heard of his passing that was my first thought. Too bad the conversion at Vegas had already been paid for and started on. The cooling system is nice but come on.. Adding lanes to a drag strip is as wrong as referring to roll racing as street racing ha
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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