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Black hood no longer an option?

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I got a call from my dealer today and he told me I can't get a black hood on my ordered Hellcat Challenger. Somehow it got missed when I ordered the car, so I wanted to change it to black. I'm currently in D status. I figure I'll have it wrapped, but wanted to find out if anyone else has heard of this.
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It didn't get missed, your dealer didn't see the option so they didn't check it. I doubt you can change it now as it's a third party who does the hoods and they are as useless as they can get already when it comes to producing them.

At one point the black hoods were removed from options, when i ordered mine it wasn't an option (January 2015).
I would think an aftermarket hood wrap for $250-300 would be the better option.
after reading the care guide, i'd think id rather have a kid rather then a satin hood
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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