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both front rims scratched inside

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21 red eye challenger California car diff rotor calipers ? I heard but shit I don’t know
I just know I have identical u shapes scratches gouges on both my front rims
it’s only 5 weeks old and I had to store it for 4 weeks in garage due to an illness.
Now I’m back up had the car detailed and this was brought to my attention
any advice would be helpful
and yes called dealer sent pics to service sales and even there hr dep as the San Jose sales team looked past this and I got the car in a hurry as I was fighting off a earlier buyer on a Friday night at 8:00 pm 3 hrs from my house and do my wife being a tuff little Portuguese prizefighter in the family laugh out loud she talked the couple into buying a non-redeye four-door charger hellcat it all worked out other than my impatience thanks for the advice guys I think I know what to do I just felt like reaching out.
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See if you can post some pix up here?
Really sucks and hope they help you out. Seems it may be hard to get it covered under warranty if you had it for 5 weeks now…
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