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Okay guys so have a question dealer says I need new front brakes and rotors... Just hit 30000 miles I find it hard to believe the rotors need replaced but the brakes I can see.. They quoted me 3000 just to do the front. Which is outrageous. I was thinking of doing my self and going with powerstop z23 warriors. Any experience with those? Also the sales representative told me that kit only lasts about 6-8 months which I find crazy as well???.. I'm going to get a second opinion or look myself to see where it stands if I even need them. So any information on the kit I'm looking into or any suggestions on different brands would be appreciated.
I have a 2016 dodge challenger srt hellcat.
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With the two piece rotors, you don’t have to replace the whole thing. Replacing just the rings is an easy and cost effective way to go. Couple of after market suppliers out there. I went with new DBA rings and they work great. I also tried the Z25 pads and not thrilled with them (less stopping power). Went with Stoptech “street” pads and super happy. All the OE Brembo pad bite with less dust.
Yep, rotors still look good for a few more miles to me. Save the coin and replace just the pads IMO.
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