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Okay guys so have a question dealer says I need new front brakes and rotors... Just hit 30000 miles I find it hard to believe the rotors need replaced but the brakes I can see.. They quoted me 3000 just to do the front. Which is outrageous. I was thinking of doing my self and going with powerstop z23 warriors. Any experience with those? Also the sales representative told me that kit only lasts about 6-8 months which I find crazy as well???.. I'm going to get a second opinion or look myself to see where it stands if I even need them. So any information on the kit I'm looking into or any suggestions on different brands would be appreciated.
I have a 2016 dodge challenger srt hellcat.
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Don't know how they would determine that you need new rotors unless they measured them. Even so, you can get really nice, new rotors for less than $100 a piece. A set of front and rear high-performance pads for $500 total. You could replace the brake fluid too while the wheels are off with a higher temp fluid for less than $50. So, for less than $1000, you could do the whole thing yourself. And that $1000 was a high estimate. Pep Boys used to sell rotors for $25 a piece.
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