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Brampton closing downing?

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I was just told this today that the plant is going to close for a couple weeks. Any insiders confirm or deny? My sources are usually very good.
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Anyone know when the last date of 21 production was?
For 21' model year? Hasn't happened yet.
still building 21s?
Update. 21' SS has been cancelled and 22' VIN has been issued.

21' SS
Ordered - 10/29
VIN - 11/1
D1 status, awaiting build - 12/3
D1- 12/7
D1- 12/17
D1- 12/27
D1- 12/31
1/7 - Cancelled

22' SS
VIN - 1/7

Frustrating.. but not the dealers fault. Craig at Koons was very fast to act and has shared the 22' VIN.
What is the last 3 or 4 of the vin?
Old VIN - 9990
New VIN - 7824
I was curious how they were doing that. I placed my order 11/12 and my VIN is 229.
it’s going to be interesting that is for sure.
I hope I get mine in Feb since I ordered it last year and have such a low vin.
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I also placed my order the second day ordered were accepted to 2022’s.
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