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Brampton closing downing?

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I was just told this today that the plant is going to close for a couple weeks. Any insiders confirm or deny? My sources are usually very good.
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Here's the last notice posted but somebody was saying they don't come back til the 27th.

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Yeah, they've been idle for a bit. My 22 JB build was input before the new year and likely won't change status from build order accepted until the tail end of Jan.
Very optimistic. For all of our sake, I hope that you are correct!
Anyone know when the last date of 21 production was?
For 21' model year? Hasn't happened yet.
Mine is still on order and was recently told by my dealer that it was still being build after the shutdown. Until cancelled, it's still being built. Ordered 10.29
Update. 21' SS has been cancelled and 22' VIN has been issued.

21' SS
Ordered - 10/29
VIN - 11/1
D1 status, awaiting build - 12/3
D1- 12/7
D1- 12/17
D1- 12/27
D1- 12/31
1/7 - Cancelled

22' SS
VIN - 1/7

Frustrating.. but not the dealers fault. Craig at Koons was very fast to act and has shared the 22' VIN.
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From what I understand VINS aren't built in order anymore so not sure what that means for build sequence once they reopen. Mines and SS and I was lead to believe that the SS builds tend to happen together vs mixed in. I would assume the same for RE vs 707 HCs.
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