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Hey guys, I was going to make the switch to a 3:09 diff so I ordered it new from Steve White Motors but I decided not to.
My loss is your gain, $900 and it's yours located in Queens NY.
I would prefer a local pick up but if you want to pay for shipping, I'll drop it off at a ups store and you can arrange shipping with them.

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That's good to know brother, so far my 3:70 is holding up but I'm sure once I start drag racing and launching the car I'll need a new one soon, lol.

I was going to try the 3:09 to extend my time in boost but after further calculations and thought I realized it may put too much strain on the transmission.
For those who don't know I own a 1200hp twin Turbo hellcat with a 6 speed manual.
The 3:09 is the perfect upgrade for you auto guys 馃憤馃徑
You are worried about the strain from a 3:09 but not from a Twin Turbo :)
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Lol, I'm worried about asking the transmission to stand up to both. I'm on transmission number 4 in this year alone. Every pull is a prayer because I haven't found a builder who can keep a 6 speed in a hellcat with big power. I'm working on another build now, hopefully 5th time is the charm.
Holy Sh*t, four transmissions in one year .... expensive hobby!

I think i would just use an A8, if that would even hold?

Good luck!
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