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Hey guys, I was going to make the switch to a 3:09 diff so I ordered it new from Steve White Motors but I decided not to.
My loss is your gain, $900 and it's yours located in Queens NY.
I would prefer a local pick up but if you want to pay for shipping, I'll drop it off at a ups store and you can arrange shipping with them.

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Lol, I'm worried about asking the transmission to stand up to both. I'm on transmission number 4 in this year alone. Every pull is a prayer because I haven't found a builder who can keep a 6 speed in a hellcat with big power. I'm working on another build now, hopefully 5th time is the charm.
the lower gear ratio rear end would be easier on your transmission btw
Less shifts maybe but the lower multiple would absolutely put more strain on each gear.

The real solution for my setup is a Turbo 400 but I enjoy fun drives on curvey back roads, rallies with friends and even some track work. A Turbo 400 is a terrible driving experience for those things.

no, you have it backwards...the lower the gear ratio, the less strain on the drivetrain as it takes less power to move them. And your overall RPM's for a given speed would be higher at the same speed of a higher gear ratio resulting in more frequent shifts not less. Think of a bicycle, in the lower gears its easier to peddle (less strain) especially from a dig, and in the high gears (more strain) its harder to peddle but nets you higher top speed.

better yet think of your M6 transmission, is it easier to start from a dead stop in first gear (lower ratio) or 5th gear (high ratio)? Lower ratios have a greater mechanical advantage and require substantially less force to move them

my point to my post is to encourage a potential buyer and not have them worry about adding stain to their drivetrain with a lower gear ratio rear end
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1 - 2 of 16 Posts