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BRAND NEW Complete 900 HP E85 build part out

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Ok, now that busy season is done for me, I’m willing to split this package up. I will still sell the whole package, with a PCM UNLOCK.

If shipping PayPal only. If you are paying a goods and services please add the 3% on your end.

I’m selling a full blown, complete 900+ HP E85 build. It’s so new, that today was the first time I opened the boxes to take the pictures of the stuff for this post.

Ripatuned Pump Gas Killer (2.79) pulley and Hub (blue) $325 shipped.
Ripatuned Game Changer (2.57) ring blue $125 shipped.
Smart Access Cable $75 shipped

TBA Machine upper Pulley Removal Tool $50 shipped
Gates Green Belt (k100582) $40 shipped

Legmaker with around 200 miles on it for 21 CHARGER HELLCAT $350 shipped

It limited me to only 10 photos. If something isn’t listed, let me know and I’ll send it.
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1 - 2 of 36 Posts