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Brand new, unopened Mopar locking gas cap FOR SALE!

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I purchased a locking gas cap for my 2021 Dodge Challenger SXT AWD, and never opened the shipping bag nor box inside.
I paid $34.95. The vehicle has been sold, and I've exceeded the 30-day grace period for returns. Even, though, the merchandise is unopened and brand new, SPEEDLOGIX is unwilling to make an exception.
Anyone interested, feel free to contact me.
(708) 814-3222
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Of course, it's
I'm just saying I never opened the shipping bag that contained the box with the Mopar locking gas cap.
I live in a gated community with a multilevel indoor parking garage, so the risk of accessing my gas tank was slim. As you know, Challengers don't have the locking door, so my concern was that at any time, someone could open the gas tank door and remove the gas cap.
I sold my Challenger, and I still have the brand new Mopar locking gas cap. It's got a key.
Are you interested!
Brand new, still in the wrapper, never opened the shipping bag, nor the box inside, never been used is probably a better way to say it.
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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