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Brembo Caliper paint corrections

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I have the red Brembo logo 6 and 4 pistons and have some bad paint chips to the metal and the clear coat has come off most of the outer face with the Brembo logo on one. I read that RAL 2030 in Traffic Red matches the red, has anyone used it and how do you like the results? The picture below is of the caliper that the clear coat is gone, I was cleaning with simple green so pretty sure that didn't damage it and the other calipers don't have this issue. Any recommendation on what clear coat to use?
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This is exactly what I used. Pretty good match if only a slight tinge orange, but from 4 ft. away you cant tell. So far it has resisted any heat discoloration, but I'm pretty easy on the car. For 8.00 it's worth a shot. Prob banged me 8-10.00 for shipping, but whatever, you'll have plenty.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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