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Broomal thermal spacer's?

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Seen these on a FB ad anyone ever heard of Broomal thermal spacers? Look basically like the FI's spacer's with different color O-rings. I asked about them and was told they been around about 2 years for the Dodges and 5 years for GM.
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I wouldn't think these would help out too much at all, being the heat from the engine would be rising anyway and heating up the SC. A better mod would be a thermoal barrier under the SC.
They do help keep the twin screw cooler by more then you think after the several tests that we have done on our own cars in our group. We also stick on a thermo blanket under the twin screw which helps keep it even cooler again from heat soak off of the engine. Anytime you can isolate the direct contact between metals by adding a material that does not transfer heat well, you will reduce temps substantially. Every bit counts in making more power.
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Whats the temp of the lid before and after?
measured a 7.5 degrees F. drop in inter-cooler temps.

Someone else measured 30 degree drop in lid temp, but that was with a blanket as well.

Will need to find out from those results what the inter-cooler temps were showing after the blanket was added to get those differences.

So I will post that later.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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