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Build date/In service date

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Just discovered all you have to do is call a Dodge dealer and give them your VIN, and you can find out the build date of your car and the in service date. The in service date is when it was first sold and driven away as brand new. Pretty interesting. My car's built date was November 19, 2019, but the in-service date was August 31, 2020. Looks like she sat for quite a while on the lot, although it was during the height of the covid. Interesting info & super easy to get.
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You do know the build date, including the hour it rolled down the line is all posted on the door jam sticker ?
Look for "MDH" ... month - day - hour.
I was not aware of that, but I love how we learn something new everyday. Thank you my friend.
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Wow, that's long. Some dealerships drive them around before ever getting titled too.
I know, I hope it wasn't pounded on by a bunch of employees. It was at the height of the covid, so hopefully it just sat untouched. She looks and runs absolutely Flawless, so that is a good thing.
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