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Calling DrBuick

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DrBuick I have a favor to ask of you....

I just changed the oil on my cat and I didn't think of this until after so I never measured.

I'm thinking of replacing the oil cooler drain plug with a Fumoto valve or EZ Drain next time I change the oil.

Next time you have a cat in the shop for an oil change would you mind measuring the size and thread pitch of the oil cooler drain plug please.

Thank you! For your trouble I'll ask Tammie to text you some pictures of her cat.
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I might have missed the thread. I'll look around. I posted up info. on the oil change but I only listed the size of the socket needed... Maybe somebody else posted up thread size and pitch.... The cooler drain is an accident waiting to happen. The drain is in the aluminum line with nothing supporting it... Thanks. I'll go search.
This what you want?

Oil cooler magnetic drain plugs 12x1.75x25 will be available in one month. (Also from Dimple owner getting a production run scheduled today.)
Yes, the oil cooler drain plug. Thank you B5 Blue and StellasHC

Too many threads.. Can't keep up with them all...

EZ Oil Drain EZ107 and Fumoto F107 both look like options M12 x 1.75. I used Fumoto before but I'm liking the viton o-ring on the EZ oil drain vs. the fiber washer on the Fumoto.
That was one of my jobs to remember picky stuff to fix stuff;) So when you get this are you going to add it to the Wiki oil change for us? The one with 20 fasteners:D
Sure, I actually just added the valve, L adapter and a secondary lock (just a clamp) to my cart from a site that sells the EZ Drain but then I decided to hold off. I want to verify the size before ordering. Otherwise I'll end up with $50 worth of stuff that I can use or return by the time I do my next change.

If folks are confident that TallCool1 measurements are correct I can write it up now. I'm just not sure if he got the info. from a reference somewhere or actually measured the drain plug himself... I'd prefer the latter to be sure. Maybe he will see this since I tagged him and chime in.
Don't write stuff unless you're positive;)
Right? Because my posts are so important people have to jump on just to see what pearls of wisdom I have shared with the Hellcat World! LOL:)
I do;)
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