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Calling DrBuick

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DrBuick I have a favor to ask of you....

I just changed the oil on my cat and I didn't think of this until after so I never measured.

I'm thinking of replacing the oil cooler drain plug with a Fumoto valve or EZ Drain next time I change the oil.

Next time you have a cat in the shop for an oil change would you mind measuring the size and thread pitch of the oil cooler drain plug please.

Thank you! For your trouble I'll ask Tammie to text you some pictures of her cat.
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The size and thread pitch is in one of these threads about oil changes.. I just read it this weekend. Cooler and pan sizes were listed by someone.. Im just too lazy to look for it right now.
Ha ha. All the post wearing you out?
Lol..yeah, considering it feels as though I spend half my life on this forum reading as it is!
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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